Maternelle Enfant des Neiges
~ 18 months to 5 years ~
A private pre-school day care located
in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, MONTREAL

6250 Av. Somerled Montréal, QC H3X 2B6 canada

(514) 613-7468

Art of Living in Notre-Dame-De-Grâce

Over the past few years, we have seen a change in modern society. Some basic values of life such as: respect, politeness, sharing, tolerance, sense of endeavour have been neglected. This is why over the years; we have given these values back their leading role at our daycare Maternelle Enfant-des-Neiges. We instill these values through our ‘Art of living’ model. The values and everything along the way, that are taught to the children is the nucleus of their growing-up process.

They will need this knowledge in order to adapt and develop in harmony in their current and future environment. For many years, testimonials from satisfied parents who have enjoyed our educational approach and witnessed their children’s progress confirm our choice. The rewarding and positive environment at our preschool daycare Maternelle Enfant-des-Neiges, has helped their little ones to grow in a happy and well-rounded atmosphere during their childhood. Therefore, they have been led on the right track for their next big step: kindergarten class, a key stage before entering elementary school.

6250 Av. Somerled

Montréal, QC H3X 2B6



(514) 613-7468